Reliv Independent Distributor
 No longer sleepless in Seattle
Before Reliv, I dreaded nightfall!  I could rest at night, but not get into that deep sleep state.  The hours would drag by!  The first thing I noticed after starting on Reliv was that I could sleep through the night!  After a few nights of good sleep, I felt a sense of well being and started to have a better outlook on life.  I had been having a lot of problem with acid reflux and that soon improved.  I have had a problem with low blood sugar levels since I was a teenager, and would get these wilting, blood's draining out of your body feelings with a blood sugar drop.  Since being on Reliv, I've been able to maintain healthy blood sugar levels at a normal range.  The numbness in my hands and wrists lessened, as did debilitating headaches that would take me out of commission for three days at a time.  

Roger had gotten the Reliv products for me, but I insisted he take them, too.  He had gone through the windshield in a head-on collision when he was a teenager and had back discomfort due to that accident for over 30 years!  

We really needed a business when we were introduced to Reliv by a stranger in a hotel we didn't plan to stay in.  I was encouraged by the stories that if other people could do this we could, too.  We came into the business at the top profit level, and started connecting those we loved and cared about to the stories.  They also got results and got excited and began sharing with others.  We have received a check from Reliv every month since that first check in 2003!  We love giving hope to people!  We love that 30 second commute!  We love the time freedom!  As Bronze Ambassadors, we are thankful for Reliv and continue to share!